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SEA SPEED PTY trading as Commercial Marine Consulting Services (CMCS) was formed in July 1989 by founders Paul and Vicki Birgan to facilitate their desire to produce "new age" boat designs for and pleasure, and commercial vessels.

Initially designs being small aluminium monohull work vessels and larger steel landing barges using Paul's extensive knowledge in marine survey requirements gained from 7 years working in the local marine department.

The first Aluminium Catamaran design was produced in 1992 for a client in Italy (studio carina), This was the 12 Metre Dive Catamaran for Studio Carena. The performance was outstanding with speeds far in excess of the contract speed and from then on business has grown steadily.

Paul is now principal designer of Sea Speed Design team comprised of other talented contract designers and naval architects each specialist in their field."Sea Speed Design" utilizes the latest in computer design software to produce "state of the art" vessels based on their range of proven hulls. Research continues to be undertaken into new approaches to design and computer cut assisted construction. The extensive tank testing program has assisted with hull refinements to maximize performances and fuel economy.

CMCS has designed over 100 different successful vessels and now due to market demand is specializing in the designs of high performance aluminum Catamarans. New designs are currently under construction in Australia and Hong Kong/China.


Paul And Vicki Birgan (Directors)


Paul and Vicki Birgan hard at work during a recent sea trial day.




“Wave Form Research” Surfing

This photo is of Paul Birgan (Head designer) surfing the Gold Coast of Australia in June 2010, demonstrating the good relationship with the sea.   


Contact Information

Sea Speed Pty Ltd. P.O. BOX 773 Aspley 4034, Brisbane Australia

Phone Int 668 04406355











Contact Information

Sea Speed Pty Ltd.

P.O. BOX 773 Aspley 4034, Brisbane Australia

Phone +61 7 3862 9988

Fax +61 7 3862 9488

Mobile Paul 0417 770 769

Email SeaSpeedDesign
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