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Below are full Kits available

for immediate shipment:

Kit 8.5MLanding Craft Kit

Kit 12M Glass bottom boat

12M Aluminium Catamaran Kit

Kit 12Metre Catamaran Kit







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Follow the photos down the page to see the sequence of building the Kits.

Pre-Fabrication Build SequenceCKD frame prefabricaltion

Stamping of frames by Lloyds surveyorCKD container packing

Frames packed into containers in Australia CKD container packing in Australia

More frames into containers CKD set up in China

Standing of frames in China Standing Of Frames In China

Compete kitsets erected Ckd Kitsets Erected

Aft View of erected Kitset hull and deckhouse construction Hull plating 3 units of 28m ferry under construction

Three vessels under construction Three Vessels Under Construction

Aft view of vessel in China 28 m Sea Cat Design and ckd "as built"

Sea trials in Hong Kong Handover of 28m cat in Hong Kong

Handover ceremony in Hong Kong Sea Cat 28 designers builder and owner

Builder Feat Szeto, Owners Representative David Wong, Designer Paul Birgan, Project Manager Murray Birgan

Kit Sets (CKD)

Computer Cutting

Aswell as their standard designs, Sea Speed also offer custom boat designs in "KIT FORM" or CKD which can be sent anywhere in the world by container for construction. The computer design is completed by the Sea Speed design team using the latest in MaxSurf Design software and finalized in Workshop and CAD software to enable the hull and deck house components to be router cut, marked, containerized or "Flat Racked" ready for shipment.

Option 1. We can provide a design plus basic aluminium hull structure starter kit for the experienced boat builder, which includes: Hull frames and bulkheads, keels, chines, girders, bulkheads and engine beds. All cut sections include stringer and snipe cut-outs and and markings.

kit computer router cutting 1kit computer router cutting 1

Option 2. Is a full aluminium kit which includes all the aluminium plate and extrusion required to complete the vessel. This includes supply of all of the items in option 1. Plus all of the deck house, internal plate, hull and deck house shell computer cut and marked. In this option we also include and the supply of the entire hull and deck house extrusion and piping (un-cut).

Ckd Computer Cut Plate CKD Computer Cut Plate and hull

Option 3. In some cases Sea Speed will also supply the full ship kit which includes all the vessel components packed in shipping containers. From all aluminium computer cut material as in option 1. and 2. Plus all machinery, engineering and fit-out, in fact every thing you need to build the vessel. In this case all the builder supplies is a facility, labor, consumables and tools.


There is also the more advanced option of pre-fabricated in Australia including:-

  • Checking of components on loft floor
  • Buffing for welding and joining of components
  • Tack welding of rider bars to frames
  • Tack welding stiffeners to bulkheads
  • Marking of Welding patterns
  • Checking and stamping by surveyor

Finally components are packed into containers and can be shipped worldwide in perfect condition ready for erection.

Project Management

Sea Speed Designs provides on-site project management and personnel during erection of the frames at remote sites. We can also provide ongoing project management, project support and training during the construction, engineering, fit-out and commissioning process as required.

First Ferries Pre-fab project

As an Example, Sea Speed has taken the kit boat to the next level with the supply of three kit hulls to Wang Tak Engineering and Shipyard in Hong Kong. Three 40metre containers containing all the pre-fabricated hull components for the 28 Meter Catamaran hulls were supplied in conjunction with the detail design, and shipped to there shipyards in China. On arrival our staff assisted with the standing of the frames and SeaSpeed provided on-site training and support for the hull construction.

Construction was completed in China and the vessels were delivered to Hong Kong for handover.

First Ferry IX, X XI are actively operating in Hong Kong. Click below to find out more..

28m design and kit end result

First Ferry IX and X


Contact Information

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Contact Information

Sea Speed Pty Ltd.

P.O. BOX 773 Aspley 4034, Brisbane Australia

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