Surf and Dive Catamarans (We custom design and build)

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26M Surf Catamaran26M Surf Catamaran

"Sea Cat Ships" offer custom designed and built Aluminium Catamarans made specifically to suit the needs of the keen Surfer/Diver. These high speed, long-range aluminium cats look great and perform to very high standard. Our Cats are assembled in Thailand by our Australian/Thai team, with a lot of the components coming from Australia and many of the sub-contractors also being of Australian decent. For Example: "Reef Quest 111" is a state-of-the-art dive boat built for daily rough water operations from Cairns, Australia out to the Great Barrier Reef. After the sea trials and commissioning in the Gulf of Thailand she sailed on her own hull to Cairns via Bali.


We have over 100 proven hulls from 6 to 42 Metres, all built to the highest international standards. The aluminium hull and deckhouse design is very strong and is in compliance with the requirements of Lloyds Register SSC rules for a passenger vessel operating offshore. The majority of the aluminium structure was supplied in KIT format to allow the parts to be CNC router cut for ease in construction.

  24M Expedition Surf Catamaran

25 Metre (81') Custom Catamaran "C-Quest" Expedition/Dive Yacht

25 Metre (81') Custom Catamaran interior arrangement (simple and easy)

A typical Catamaran will have fit-out options from basic "Resort Style" with standard furniture up to extremely high standard with exotic timbers and laid teak decks. The lower deck have a forward sunken lounge, main passenger cabin and aft' dive/surf deck. The foredeck is fitted out with plush lounge cushions (dry in most sea conditions) and is a perfect place for sun baking or dive briefings. The fully air-conditioned main cabin is fitted with plush lounges and large servery/bar. Cabins are preferred to be above deck and can be laid out to suit. The aft' deck is a scuba divers/surfers dream, with provision for dive tanks with refill station powered by below deck dive compressor and dive air banks. The dive deck features a two stage hydraulic platform which opens up the complete transom for diving and a folding bottom platform which holds the tender when under way and turns into a stairwell with waist height water access when down. The upper deck has a fully air conditioned VIP lounge and open helm area and integrated "touch screen" electronic system.  Davit is optional for deployment of jet skis or toys.


The aft' upper deck has a nice outside seating area with teak slat seats, on top is a spacious sun deck with day bed and perimeter seating. Powered by twin diesel marine engines the vessels easily achieved speeds of 26-27 knots fully loaded with an impressive cruising speed of 20-24 knots with great fuel consumption figures. The drive trains are normally through gear boxes, Rogers and Lough shafting and rudder and Veemstar fixed pitched propellers in conjunction with the mini keels giving protection to the running gear and increased tracking especially in a following sea. Although being mechanical engines the control and gearshift is via electronic control units giving a main station with two wing controls. Steering is electric hydraulic and also can be three station. Reliability is the key for the operation in offshore areas thus two generators are generally fitted to allow for 100% redundancy.


Below are some design options which can be customized to suit.

34m Ocean Cruiser Catamaran

34 Metre Ocean Cruiser


32m Passenger Ferry Catamaran Design

45 Metre Ocean Cruiser


32m Passenger Ferry Catamaran Design

32m Cruiser 2 x 1800hp 30 knot

32m High Speed Ocean Catamaran Design

32 Metre High Speed Ocean Cruiser

30m Ocean Research Catamaran Design

30m Ocean Expedition 2 x 1350 hp 16 knot cruise

Eclipse 24 M wide Body Design

24 Metre Cruise Boat more info... video camera, vcr iconVideo







"C Quest" - 24 M Expedition Yacht,

2 xMTU 495kw/25 knot

Sea Cat 24 Passenger Catamaran Design

"Tusa 5" 24m Surf?Dive Catamaran

video camera, vcr iconVideo

24m Day Dive Boat Design

24 m Dive/Surf Boat see more... video camera, vcr iconVideo

22m Cruiser Catamaran Design Design

22m VIP Weekender 20 knot, cruise more... video camera, vcr iconVideo

22m Dive Charter Catamaran Design

22m/65 pax Dive/Surf Boat 2 x 510hp. 25 knot cruise


22m Dive Charter Catamaran Design

21m Long RangeCruiser 2 x 740hp. 22 knot cruise

19.4m Whale Watching Catamaran Design

19.4 Offshore Cruiser 2 x 700hp Caterpillar

Top speed 28 knots more...

18M High Speed Sprint Boat 2 x MTU 965hp

Top speed 34 knots.

17m Dive Charter Catamaran Design

17m Surf/Dive Weekender 2 x 600hp 23 knot cruise

more photos


16m Whale Watch Boat Design

16M Dive/Fisher 2 X Cummins 580 H.P. 25 Knot.

17m Whale Watching Catamaran Design

17 m Dive/ Fisher, 2 x 340 hp Cummings top speed 26knots more...

15 M Foil Catamaran

17 m Sprint Boat, 2 x 500 hp 30 knots

12m Crew Boat Catamaran Design

14.4 Metre Weekender 2 x 500hp 25 knot top

12m Charter Fishing Catamaran  Design

12m Day Tripper 2 x 300hp 22 knot cruise

12m Long Range Cruiser Catamaran  Design

12m Long Range Cruiser 2 x 230hp 20 knot top Speed, International Operation.

12m Crew Boat Catamaran Design

13 Metre 2 x 480hp Doen Jets 25 knot top speed maximum draft only 500mm

12m Charter Fishing Catamaran  Design

12m/ Sprint Boat 4 x 250hp outboard 40 knot top

video camera, vcr icon Videovideo camera, vcr icon Video

6 Metre Aluminium Catamaran Design

6.1 Metre high performance cat powered by two 130 Hp Yamahas with a top speed of 36 knots