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Progress photo Oct 19

Progress photo Oct 19

New 16M Power Cat Catamaran Design


Calypso X1 with imboard Diesels

15.6 Meter Inboard Dive Boat Version            


This design is based on the proven Calypso X1 design which has been a great coastal dive boat. This high speed aluminium catamaran showed excellent performance. The aft’ deck has a fold down platform which can be used for both beach landing and as a snorkeling/dive platform at sea. The dive platform is attached to a fixed platform which extends out past the outboards. This is complemented by three fresh water shower units. Beside the platform is an aft’ full sized toilet compartment which is a nice change from the cramped set ups of similar vessels this size. The foredeck is passenger friendly with access through a water tight door.


As an example of the powering options this spec’ boat can accommodate quad 250 H.P. Outboards or Inboard diesel engines (twin Volvo 330 IPS drives) or twin Cummins QSL9 (450 h.p.) diesel engines. The original vessel have the IPS drives and performance results were really good with no reduction in speed (27 Knots) and excellent maneuverability. The complete design and kit file was supplied.


Below are some options for how the spec' boat under construction can be finished off:


15M Ferry Plan  (hard top)

15M Inboard Ferry Plan (hard top)             15M Inboard Ferry Plan (Flybridge)

15M Inboard Flybridge Cruise Boat            15M Inboard Crew Boat(Raised bridge)


16M Inboard VIP Resort Transport           16M Inboard High Speed Ferry



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Contact Information

Sea Speed Pty Ltd.

P.O. BOX 773 Aspley 4034, Brisbane Australia

Phone +61 7 3862 9988

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