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Bargass880 GA Plan

General Arrangement Plan

Progress Photo Feb 2020


Progress Photo Feb 2020


Bargass 5 & 6, 8.8M Aluminium Landing Craft


Our latest 8.8metre, high speed aluminium landing craft (Number 5) has been launched with sea trials showing great results. Powered by single Suzuki 200 h.p. four stroke engine she easily achieved over 25 knots in loaded sea trials of 30 persons. See Video

 30 pax landingCraft8.8M Landing Craft

At first she is carrying workers and provisions to and from the Island resort of Koh Russey (thus the name) replacing the existing slower fishing boats they were using, and as soon as the resort is finished she will be used for tours and some guest transfers. The award-winning design is extremely tough and built strong to last a life time (all shell plate is 6mm)


Construction is near to completion on a sister vessel which is for sale now.

Progress Photos Mid March 2020


We are proud to announce that this design has been selected as Best Landing Craft by Work Boat World for 2019.    ’.   




Hull Dimensions

Length (overall) 8.55M Metres

Length (waterline) 7.46M Metres (NSCV)

Beam 3.50 Metres

Depth 1.43 Metres

Draft 400 MM (loaded)


Engines: 1 of Suzuki 4 stroke outboard (200h.p.)

25” long shaft with Tacho, key start and standard instruments.


Lightship speed (approx) 26 knots

Loaded speed (approx) 20 knots (typical load 2.5 tonne)

Loiter speed (approx) 8 knots

Tank Capacities

Fuel (Seperate) 2 of 200 ltr


The vessels are constructed and fitted out in accordance with the requirements of the NSCV code rules for an aluminium passenger vessel and good boat building practice. The vessel shall be capable of withstanding wind and wave forces of open seas when fully loaded. A certificate of commercial registration shall be issued for NSCV code class 1D from the AMSA. (32 persons including crew)

Structural Scantlings

Hull bottom plate 6 mm plate

Hull side plate 6 mm plate

Deckhouse plate 4 mm plate

Deck plate 4 mm plate


All hull and deckhouse structure shall be of marine grade aluminium.

Canopy: Fabricated aluminium tube canopy with fabric (sumbrella) cover

Console:Fabricated aluminium console (buffed aluminium) with electronic’s, battery gauges, dc switchboard, and compass fitted above with room for the engine instruments. Electrical switching and controls under.

Bow Door:Fabricated aluminium heavy duty door with four hinge points and rubber seals with watertight retainer. Warne Vantage 2000 winch with 6 mm wire rope starboard side and stainless steel locking devise port.

Deck Coverings

Main cabin Designer Flake

Internal Bulkhead Linings

Bulwarks below windows buffed aluminium.

Deck Head Finish

Main cabin Aluminium tube with Sumbrella.


Inspection hatches to be provided of watertight standard to all compartments. These shall be 25mm plate machined pieces with tapped holes for ease in removal.

Ground Gear

Ground gear: 1 X 15 KG SHHP Anchor with 3 Metres of 8mm short link chain and 58 Metres of 10mm Nylon Rope. Mooring Gear: 3 x Inflatable Fenders fitted with 16mm ropes, 3 of 16mm Mooring Ropes.


Fendering: heavy duty aluminium tube to gunnel (buffed aluminium) pipe to be fitted around the perimeter at the hull plus main deck height.

Paint System

Paint system: the paint system shall be of high standard marine type paint (Jotun). The paint system shall be two pack high build epoxy undercoat with two pack polyurethane finish in order to avoid operational damages and extend the overall vessel life. All aluminium is to be cleaned and degreased. The first coat of paint system to be applied within 8 hours. Hull underwater to be coated with (Jotun) anti-fouling system suitable for area of operation.

Hull topsides: To be Vinyl Wrap 3M type with colour printing artwork (Purchaser to supply artwork)

Console: To be coated with Vinyl Wrap 3M type.

Decks: Exterior decks to be coated with ‘Designer Flake’ to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Interiors: Exposed structure below window sills, to be coated with two-pack paint system (Jotun) to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Vessel's name and insignia shall be applied to the port and starboard and also on the transom with the port of registry.

Draft marks shall to be painted on bow and stern. The vessel’s number shall be center punched on the hull in way of a bulkhead.

Antifowl shall to be Jotun type.


Bollards: Six of fabricated aluminium bollards to be provided suitably arranged to enable safe berthing.

Hand Rails

Handrails: 38 mm aluminium tube hand rails to be provided in way of all passenger space. Rails at not less than 230 mm longitudinal spacing with the lowest handrail course to be not less than 230mm.

Rail heights shall be in accordance with the requirement with the NSCV code.

Passenger Seating

Seating arrangement shall be provided in accordance with the general arrangement plan. Helm Seat to be fabricated aluminium with cushions (Sumbrella type) Exterior seating to be aluminium bench seat style (folding with legs and clips) with Sumbrella cushions.

Helm & Electronic Equipment

Electronics (Helm) 1 x Garman 4G, Radar, 1 x ICOM IC-M304 VHF Marine Radio with Banten Antenna, 1 x Ritchie 76mm Compass. The helm console shall include all engine instrumentation. Eg: voltmeter, tachometer, oil and temperature gauges,etc.

Safety Equipment List

35 x Coastal Life Jackets

1 x dry chemical fire extinguisher (5.5 Ltr)

1 x Portable horn

Pyros’ (3 x parachute, 2 red/1 orange hand held) in box

1 x First Aid Kit (Scale G)

1 x Life buoy with light

1 fire bucket

2 x torch

1 x boat hook

Bilge Pumping Arrangement

Bilge pumping system: arrangement shall be in accordance with the NSCV code requirements. Bilge Arrangement 2 x Manual Bilge Pumps (Whale Gusher, double acting) fitted with flexible hoses, 6 x Voids, each void contains a spin-out inspection port and fixed bilge suction/sounding with cam lock fittings.

Fuel System

Fuel tanks: two (2) of 200 ltr seperate fuel tanks to be installed above deck. The tanks shall be fully welded marine grade aluminium with aluminium fittings. (Filler pipe, inspection manhole ports, vents, etc). Fuel oil filter assembly or equivalent shall be provided.

Steering System

Steering and Control System: Throttle and Trim controls, Sea Star steering system including talon wheel and fuel system.


Batteries: Three (3) of 12volt 200ah lead acid batteries are to be supplied. Two (2) for main engines plus house bank plus one (1) of 12 volt 100ah for winch battery. The batteries are to be secured in acid proof boxes. All boxes are to be properly vented. All battery leads shall be 20 rubber insulated welding cable with disconnect switches. The start lead cables shall be run as direct as possible.

Electrical System

All cables shall be in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Standard 1695, or equivalent, and to be sheathed and fixed with formed clips and screws, cable ties and table trays as required. All cable runs shall be enclosed in oil tight flexible conduit or equivalent mechanical protection used where applicable. All a/c cables must comply with v 75 degree Celsius or better temperature rating.

The system supplied and extent of wiring shall be as listed below.

Vessel completely wired with marine grade wire and fittings, 3 x 200 AH batteries fitted in battery boxes enclosed in aluminium compartments with DC Switch Board, breakers and switches, All round white navigation Light, 1 x Spotlight.

PA and Music: True marine 7" 260 watt speaker 2 pair, MS-UD650 True Marine Media Player / Receiver - With FUSION - Link Bluetooth build In, Color Display, 3 Zone speaker, 1 Unit MISC Wireless microphone and receiver (Shure BLX4R with SM58 Mic) 1 Item MISC Extension antenna for above. Switches and circuit breakers shall be compatible with the circuit loading specified and approved by the electrician. Suitable cathodic hull protection devices shall be used as required.The main switching is at the helm console.



Contact Information

Sea Speed Pty Ltd. P.O. BOX 773 Aspley 4034, Brisbane Australia

Phone Int 668 04406355


























Contact Information

Sea Speed Pty Ltd.

P.O. BOX 773 Aspley 4034, Brisbane Australia

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