Sea Cat 42 Metre passenger catamaran designSea Cat 36 metre passenger catamaran design29M High Speed CAtamaranSea Cat 24 Dive Boat catamaran design23M Tourist Catamaran Design

42m Passenger Ferry                      36m Passenger Ferry                 29m Passenger Ferry                           24m Dive Boat                             23m Cruise Boat

Sea Cat 24 overnight live a board catamaran designSea Cat 24 wide body dive boat designSea Cat 15 dive boat design Sea Cat 18 crew boat catamaran design12m Quad Cat 40 Knots

   24m Cruise Catamaran               24m Dive Boat                         15m Dive Boat                    19m Crew Boat                           12m Quad Cat

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Contact Information

                                    Sea Speed Pty Ltd.                      P.O. BOX 773 Aspley 4034, Brisbane Australia

                                  Phone Int 668 04406355                    

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Sea Speed Pty Ltd, designs steel and aluminium catamarans from 6 to 60 meters for pleasure and commercial use. We have many of our Sea Speed designed aluminium catamarans around the world currently in operation, including Passenger Ferries, Dive Boats, Cruise vessels, Crew Boats, Whale Watching Boats, Wind Farm Catamarans, and Motor Yachts. See inside this site for designs, action shots of our boats and information about our design services.